Here at Baby and Me Spanish

We bring the knowledge and experience of four generations, who have lived, practiced, and implemented this system with proven results.

We are a team that brings you Laila, a native speaker, born and raised in Mexico, with no American accent when speaking Spanish, and her mother, Ruth, who used this method to teach her children, and who is a certified high school Spanish teacher and knows how to present the Spanish without boring you with a lot of grammar.

Sara is Laila's daughter, who was taught Spanish, using this method, and now has perfect pronunciation, and has assisted us in writing stories and songs for this program, as well as singing some of the songs we use. Sara is using this same method to teach Spanish to her own daughter, Luna, who is two years old and will be featured in some of our little videos, speaking her first words of Spanish, and singing some of the little songs in Spanish.

Baby and Me Spanish will provide the accountability you will need, plus give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded parents in the community who are in your same shoes, striving to give this wonderful, unequaled gift of being bilingual, to your little one.

Teach Your Baby Spanish - One Word At A Time (Without Overwhelm And Frustration)