Welcome to Baby and Me Spanish. We are three generations of mothers, all native Spanish speakers, who have developed this course with the goal of teaching both you and your baby the Spanish language over the first one thousand days of life. We are here to make sure you have the skills necessary to raise a bilingual child, at a time when knowing a second language is more valuable than ever.

We stand by the idea that the earlier a child is exposed to a language, the easier it is for them to learn and retain that knowledge. Our course is designed for both parents (or parents-to-be!) and their babies or toddlers to learn Spanish TOGETHER, so that you can reinforce the ideas being presented to your baby, all while learning the language, yourself.

The Baby and Me Spanish technique is not one that focuses on the nitty gritty grammatical components of the language. Rather, our approach teaches you and your baby Spanish the same way he or she will learn English— using relevant phrases, vocabulary, and real- world implementation. By using interactive tools such as stories, songs, dialogs, games, videos, etc., we make learning Spanish EASY and FUN.

The first one thousand days present an optimal time for both you and your child to learn a new language. Pregnancy, which comprises the first 270 days, is the perfect opportunity for parents to prepare for baby by learning the basics of Spanish themselves through simple methods and concepts (no complicated grammar!). We know what it’s like not getting any sleep those first months after your little one arrives, so we have designed our course to be more of an intensive learning experience prior to baby’s arrival. This way, once your bundle of joy is here, you can focus on reinforcing what you have learned by introducing your baby to Spanish in a way that fits into your newer, busier routine as a parent.

If your little one has already made their arrival— no need to worry! Baby and Me Spanish is designed so that parents and babies can start the program at any time, with a parents-only introduction to the language that gives them a good head start to learning Spanish.  This head start will make them feel very comfortable when they start to work with their little one in learning Spanish right along with English. Over the first two years of your baby’s life (365+365), our course will assist you in introducing the Spanish language to your child in accordance with their developmental stage.

Speaking of stages, we are currently in the BETA stage of our interactive Spanish course and hope to have it up and running very soon, now.  If you would like more information, please leave your name and email below (without any obligation, whatsoever), and we will be happy to let you know our anticipated launch date.

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