The Fun, Fast & Easy Way to Teach Your Baby Spanish

Even If You Don't Speak A Word of Spanish Yourself!

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Why Start So Early?

There is evidence that prenatal experiences of auditory learning prior to birth can have a lot of influence on the brain’s discrimination accuracy which, in turn, helps language learning in infancy. If they are hearing the two languages, they become equally familiar with both of them, and the memories they form will support their learning to speak them equally well a few months later when they begin to form words. Before they are born, babies actually become familiar with their mother’s voice, and fragments of melodies and stories that they hear, repeatedly, while in the womb.

It is better to start this learning process before birth, but if your little one has already been born but is under two years old, they can still take advantage of this program and will catch up soon. However, the sooner they start, the easier it will be for them to grasp both languages at once.


Why Spanish

Did you know that Spanish is now spoken by more people in the world than English?

It is second in the world on lists of languages spoken by native speakers. Have you noticed that this country is almost bilingual now? You see and hear Spanish everywhere.

Can you imagine what advantage your child would have in school or later on as a professional if they were bilingual?

When applying for almost any job, speaking Spanish gives an applicant such an advantage over all other applicants. In the workplace, as fluent Spanish-speaking employees, they will have a very valuable tool that can greatly enhance their efficiency at any job level.

Bilingual employees are very much in demand and always command a better salary than someone on the same level who only speaks English.


What if I don't Speak a Word of Spanish?

You probably love the idea of raising a bilingual baby, and you realize what a wonderful advantage he or she will have for the rest of their lives, but there is a “big elephant in the room.” It is the question: “How on earth can I teach my baby Spanish if I don’t speak a word of Spanish, myself?” Well, we have the answer to that question, and the answer is, “Very easily, and you will learn to speak Spanish right along with you baby—one word at a time.” You have absolutely come to the right place.

“Baby and Me Spanish” is a program that has been developed to teach the non-Spanish speaking mom enough easy words and phrases to start speaking to her baby even before they are born, if possible. If the baby has already been born, the mother and/or dad can learn the first simple Spanish words and phrases, and immediately start repeating them to their baby. The good thing is that babies don’t learn to talk, paragraphs or pages at a time. At first, they have to hear one word over and over several times, and then they start trying to say the word. Then, later on, they will try to say short phrases, but this takes time. Meanwhile, you are learning some more words and simple phrases to teach them. If they are learning Spanish words, right along with the English words, they just think that is the way one talks, and they learn both languages at the same time. Research has shown that they learn very soon to separate the two languages in their little minds, and they do not mix them up.

The important thing here is that the parents learn Spanish by verbal interaction, (hearing and speaking) with a native speaker so that they will learn Spanish with the perfect pronunciation. If your pronunciation is perfect, then your child’s pronunciation will be perfect, as well. “Baby and Me Spanish” will take you by the hand and start with very simple words and phrases that will be just the ones you want to say to your baby, and later teach them to say.

Hi! I am Laila, mom of 4 beautiful bilingual children and one amazing granddaughter named Luna, who is also being raised bilingual.

My mom, Ruth, and I have created this amazing course to show you how you too can raise a bilingual child with our easy to implement perfected methods.

I am a native speaker, born and raised in Mexico, and I will come into your home, virtually, every week with a new class that is totally geared to talking with your new bundle of joy, and later on, with your toddler, as they learn both languages at the same time. The class is very informal and there will be zoom classes where you can meet and practice speaking in Spanish with me and my mom, Ruth, as well as meet others who are taking the course at the same time you are.

Baby and Me Spanish is a friendly atmosphere, where we will teach you the Spanish your little one will want to hear, talk about personal experiences with your babies and ours, as well as those of other members of our little village, and BECOME FRIENDS! That is our goal—to make you feel comfortable, at home with friends and teach you and your baby this new language that will change your lives, forever.

I will listen to you and help you perfect your pronunciation. You can ask questions, talk about any problem you are having, celebrate your victories and just have a lot of fun while learning. The grammar will be kept at a minimum, just enough to teach you a few common phrases to teach your baby each week, and later on, we will tell you about all of the other tools we have to make the program easy, lots of fun, and very effective. It is totally geared toward teaching you some basic Spanish and teaching your baby to become totally bilingual and a native speaker, from infancy.